Amba Chhal Pellets [Mangifera Indica]

Amba Chhal Pellets [Mangifera Indica]Mangifera indica is a species of mango in the Anacardiaceae family. It is found in the wild in India and cultivated varieties have been introduced to other warm regions of the world. It is the largest fruit-tree in the world, capable of a height of one-hundred feet and an average circumference of twelve to fourteen feet, sometimes reaching twenty.

The species appears to have been domesticated about 4,000 years ago.[citation needed] The species was brought to East Asia around 400-500 BCE from India; next, in the 15th century to the Philippines; and then, in the 16th century to Africa and Brazil by the Portuguese. The species was described for science by Linnaeus in 1753.

Mango is the national fruit of India, Philippines and Pakistan. It finds mention in the songs of 4th century CE Sanskrit poet, Kalidasa, prior to it is believed to have been tasted by Alexander (3rd century BCE) and Chinese pilgrim, Hieun Tsang (7th century CE). Later in 16th century Mughal Emperor, Akbar planted 100,000 mango trees in Darbhanga, Bihar at a place now known as Lakhi Bagh.

Amba Chhal Pellets [Mangifera Indica]
Scientific Classification
Kingdom : Plantae
Division : Angiospermae
(unranked) : Rosids
Order : Sapindales
Family : Anacardiaceae
Genus : Mangifera
Species : M. indica

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