Apamarg Pellets [Achyranthes Aspera]

Apamarg Pellets [Achyranthes Aspera] Achyranthes aspera (Common name: Prickly Chaff Flower, Devil's Horsewhip, Sanskrit: अपामार्ग Apamarga) is a species of plant in the Amaranthaceae family. It is distributed throughout the tropical world.

It can be found in many places growing as an introduced species and a common weed. It is an invasive species in some areas, including many Pacific Islands environments.

It is one of the 21 leaves used in the Ganesh Patra Pooja done regularly on Ganesh Chaturthi day. In Uttar Pradesh the plant is used for a great many medicinal purposes, especially in obstetrics and gynecology, including abortion, induction of labor, and cessation of postpartum bleeding.

The Maasai people of Kenya use the plant medicinally to ease the symptoms of malaria.

Apamarg Pellets [Achyranthes Aspera]
Scientific Classification
Kingdom : Plantae
clade : Angiosperms
clade : Eudicots
Order : Caryophyllales
Family : Amaranthaceae
Genus : Achyranthes
Species : A. aspera

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