Chirata Indian Pellets [Swertia Chirata (Plant)]

Chirata Indian Pellets [Swertia Chirata (Plant)] Piper retrofractum (Balinese Long Pepper or Javanese Long Pepper) is a flowering vine in the family Piperaceae, cultivated for its fruit, which is usually dried and used as a spice and seasoning. The fruit of Piper retrofractum is similar in appearance and taste to that of the Long Pepper (P. longum). In Thailand it is known as ดีปลี [Dee'bPlee].

Chirata Indian Pellets [Swertia Chirata (Plant)]
Scientific Classification
Kingdom : Plantae
(unranked) : Angiosperms
(unranked) : Magnoliids
Order : Piperales
Family : Piperaceae
Genus : Piper
Species : P. retrofractum

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