Captopril Pellets

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Captopril PelletsCaptopril is an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE inhibitor) used for the treatment of hypertension and some types of congestive heart failure.

Captopril was the first ACE inhibitor developed and was considered a breakthrough both because of its novel mechanism of action and also because of the revolutionary development process.

Available Form:
Captopril Pellets
Captopril Granules

Umang Pharmatech equipments used for production of Captopril Pellets:
Drug Layering, Fluid Bed Dryer, Fluid Bed Coater, Sifter & Blender, Extruder and Twin spheronizer.

Captopril Pellets
Systematic (IUPAC) Name
Captopril Pellets
Captopril Pellets
Chemical data
(2S)-1-[(2S)-2-methyl-3-sulfanylpropanoyl] pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid
CAS number : 62571-86-2
ATC code : C09AA01
PubChem : CID 44093
DrugBank : APRD00164
ChemSpider : 40130
KEGG : D00251
Formula : C9H15NO3S
Mol. mass : 217.29

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