Disulfiram Pellets

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Disulfiram PelletsDisulfiram is a drug used to support the treatment of chronic alcoholism by producing an acute sensitivity to alcohol. Trade names for disulfiram in different countries are Antabuse and Antabus manufactured by Odyssey Pharmaceuticals.

Disulfiram is also being studied as a treatment for cocaine dependence, as it prevents the breakdown of dopamine (a neurotransmitter whose release is stimulated by cocaine); the excess dopamine results in increased anxiety, higher blood pressure, restlessness and other unpleasant symptoms.

Several studies have reported that it has anti-protozoal activity as well. Research for possible disulfiram use in cancer therapy has been announced.

Available Forms:
Disulfiram Pellets
Disulfiram Granulers

Umang Pharmatech equipments used for production of Disulfiram Pellets:
Drug Layering, Fluid Bed Dryer, Fluid Bed Coater, Sifter & Blender, Extruder and Twin spheronizer.

Disulfiram Pellets
Systematic (IUPAC) name
Disulfiram Pellets
Disulfiram Pellets
Chemical data
CAS number : 97-77-8
ATC code : N07BB01 P03AA04
PubChem : CID 3117
DrugBank : DB00822
ChemSpider : 3005
KEGG : D00131
ChEBI : CHEBI:4659
Formula : C10H20N2S4
Mol. mass : 296.539 g/mol

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