Methocarbamol Pellets

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Methocarbamol Pellets Methocarbamol (trade name Robaxin, is a central muscle relaxant used to treat skeletal muscle spasms. It is the carbamate of guaifenesin, but does not produce guaifenesin as a metabolite, since the carbamate bond is not hydrolyzed metabolically; metabolism is by Phase I ring hydroxylation and O-demethylation, followed by Phase II conjugation. All of the major metabolites are unhydrolyzed carbamates.

Methocarbamol is marketed under different names when presented in combination with other active ingredients. In combination with acetaminophen (Paracetamol), its trade name is Robaxacet, whereas Robax Platinum is the trade name for a formulation of methocarbamol and ibuprofen. A combination of methocarbamol and aspirin is marketed as Robaxisal.

Unlike other carbamates such as carisoprodol and meprobamate, Methocarbamol has greatly reduced abuse potential. Studies comparing it to lorazepam (Ativan) and diphenhydramine (Benedryl), along with placebo, find that methocarbamol produces increased 'liking' responses and some sedative-like effects, however, at higher doses dysphoria is reported. It is considered to have an abuse profile similar to, but weaker than, lorazepam.

Potential side-effects include: drowsiness, dizziness, upset stomach, flushing, blurred vision, and fever. Serious side-effects include the development of a severe skin rash or itching, slow heart rate, fainting, jaundice, persistent nausea/vomiting, stomach/abdominal pain, mental/mood changes, clumsiness, trouble urinating, signs of infection. In addition, methocarbamol may cause urine to turn black, blue, or green. However, this effect is harmless.

Available Form:
Methocarbamol Pellets
Methocarbamol Granules

Umang Pharmatech equipments used for production of Methocarbamol Pellets:
Drug Layering, Fluid Bed Dryer, Fluid Bed Coater, Sifter & Blender, Extruder and Twin spheronizer.

Methocarbamol Pellets
Systematic (IUPAC) Name
Methocarbamol Pellets
Methocarbamol Pellets
Chemical data
2-hydroxy-3-(2-methoxyphenoxy)propyl carbamate
CAS number : 532-03-6
ATC code : M03BA03
PubChemr : CID 4107
DrugBank : APRD01102
ChemSpider : 3964
UNII : 125OD7737X
KEGG : D00402
ChEMBL : CHEMBL1201117
Formula : C11H15NO5
Mol. mass : 241.241 g/mol

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