Reserpine Pellets

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Reserpine PelletsReserpine is an indole alkaloid antipsychotic and antihypertensive drug that has been used for the control of high blood pressure and for the relief of psychotic symptoms, although because of the development of better drugs for these purposes and because of its numerous side-effects, it is rarely used today.

The antihypertensive actions of reserpine are a result of its ability to deplete catecholamines (among other monoamine neurotransmitters) from peripheral sympathetic nerve endings. These substances are normally involved in controlling heart rate, force of cardiac contraction and peripheral resistance.

Reserpine mediated depletion of monoamine neurotransmitters in the synapses is often cited as evidence to the theory that depletion of the neurotransmitters causes subsequent depression in humans (c.f. monoamine hypothesis).

However, this claim is not without controversy; Some have called reserpine-induced depression a myth, while others claim that teas made out of the plant roots containing reserpine have a calming, sedative action that can actually be considered antidepressant.

This remains to be demonstrated in the clinic. Moreover, reserpine has a peripheral action in many parts of the body, resulting in a preponderance of the cholinergic part of the nervous system (GI tract, smooth muscles vessels).

Available Form:
Reserpine Pellets
Reserpine Granules

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Reserpine Pellets
Systematic (IUPAC) Name
Reserpine Pellets
Reserpine Pellets
Chemical data
CAS number : 50-55-5
ATC code : C02AA02
PubChem : CID 5770
DrugBank : APRD00472
ChemSpider : 5566
KEGG : D00197
ChEBI : CHEBI:28487
Formula : C33H40N2O9
Mol. mass : 608.68 g/mol

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