Stanozolol Pellets

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Stanozolol PelletsStanozolol, commonly sold under the name Winstrol (oral) and Winstrol Depot(intramuscular), was developed by Winthrop Laboratories in 1962.

It is a synthetic anabolic steroid derived from testosterone, and has been approved by the FDA for human use.

Unlike most injectable anabolic steroids, stanozolol is not esterified and is sold as an aqueoussuspension, or in oral tablet form.

The drug has a high oral bioavailability, due to a C17 α-alkylation which allows the hormone to survive first-pass liver metabolism when ingested. It is because of this that stanozolol is also sold in tablet form.

Stanozolol is usually considered a safer choice for female bodybuilders in that its anabolic effects predominate over its androgenic effects, although virilization and masculinization are still very common even at low doses.

Stanozolol has been used in both animal and human patients for a number of conditions. In humans, it has been demonstrated to be successful in treating anaemia and hereditary angioedema. Veterinarians may prescribe the drug to improve muscle growth, red blood cell production, increase bone density and stimulate the appetite of debilitated or weakened animals.

Stanozolol is one of the anabolic steroids commonly used as a performance enhancing drug and is banned from use in sports competition under the auspices of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and many other sporting bodies. Stanozolol has also been used in US horse racing

Available Form:
Stanozolol Pellets
Stanozolol Granules

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Drug Layering, Fluid Bed Dryer, Fluid Bed Coater, Sifter & Blender, Extruder and Twin spheronizer.
Stanozolol Pellets
Systematic (IUPAC) Name
Stanozolol Pellets
Stanozolol Pellets
Chemical data
CAS number : 10418-03-8
ATC code : A14AA02
PubChem : CID 25249
ChemSpider : 23582
KEGG : D00444
ChEMBL : CHEMBL1200324
Formula : C21H32N2O
Mol. mass : 328.49

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